Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marble Maintenance: Tips For The Homemaker

Marble is a natural stone that can add a touch of class to your house and enhance your home décor. It is different from other stones because it is highly porous. Its design and stature is incomparable with any other natural stones.

Marble is the most elegant flooring material used for homes. But proper care and maintenance should be taken because it stains quite easily. The first thing you can do is seal off the marbles in order to prevent stains. The use of right sealers helps to bring out the elegance of the marble flooring tiles.

The concept of putting marbles in the living room, kitchen flooring or dining room is a great idea. Marble floor tiles can be used to accent cabinets, counters and other appliances that are present. It is able to endure daily wear and tear. So, marble floor tiles should be your choice.

However, there are certain things you should consider while putting marbles in your home. A matte finish can make the space look small. In order to have effective perceptions of space and size, it is essential to have a high gloss floor tile finish. However, read some great tips for marble maintenance.

Proper cleaning of marble tiles is simple. If the marble tiles are protected with floor finishing sealant, the finish should be polished and reapplied every so often to make the marble sparkle. Polishing the marble tiles can keep it looking new. It is better to polish then to wax the tiles.

In order to make it shiny, make it sure to keep it away from everyday’s dirt and dust. Soft bristled broom or vacuum cleaner is to be used for cleaning the loose dirt. Once you have removed the loose dirt from floor it needs to be mopped. Use a soft cloth and clean it with water. Wipe it with milder industrial detergents. After using the cleaning solution, the tile should be wiped dry for removing blemishes and water spots.

You must use a separate mop for cleaning the marble tiles of your house. Always keep in mind to change the mop water while cleaning.

It is important to note that marbles cannot withstand harsh cleaning mediums like heavy detergents and acids. It reacts with acid resulting in scarring and pitting. Substances like juice, coffee and wine can easily etch, stain or dull the polish easily even if it is sealed.

Always be aware of the loose dirt that is brought in the home by people walking all over the marble floor. Friends and family members might have been walking in dirt and mud and so if they walk inside with their shoes in, it will cause the marble to scratch. So it is important to inform them to remove their shoes and sandals before entering the home. You can install floor mats at the entrances to trap sand, dust, gravel etc.

Marble floor tiles can be a great choice to accentuate the beauty of your home. But however, it should be maintained properly.

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