Friday, June 19, 2009

Why Some Granite Tops Are More Expensive Than Others?

You want to install granite countertops for the kitchens and you are looking at all the slabs. As you look at the different granite slabs, you notice that some of them are more expensive than the others when all them looks the same in color, size and shape. As laymen, it is impossible for us to know about the factors which will determine the price of the granite slab. In fact there are different factors apart from color, size and shape which actually determine the price of the granite slabs. What are these factors? How is the price of a granite slab determined? What makes some granite slabs more expensive than others? Read on as we analyze all these facts.

Granite is found near all the mountain ranges and some of the quarries where the granites are found are located in South America, China and the European mountain ranges. As the workers dig deep inside the quarries, they look for all the possible sources from where they can unearth this natural stone which is in great demand. It is an extremely strenuous process which is also time-consuming. Blasting is not possible, as granite will break into thousands of pieces. This makes it all the more tough to recover this stone. Special cutters are used by the workers to take out the granite from the quarries. Large blocks are cut out, but the blocks are extremely heavy. Once the granite pieces are taken out, they are taken to various factories where they are processed and made fit to be used as items of home décor.

In the factories, the rough blocks are treated and then they transform into the smooth-surfaced granite slab. Although initially it was coarse and rough, now it turns into a smooth texture and it further adds to the look of this piece making it suitable for decorative purposes. The price of the granite combines all the money which has been spent on that granite slab to create a smooth-textured surface. The cost also includes the transportation cost as the processing expenses. The patterns that are found on the granite slabs are also responsible for the expensive granite slabs. Some patterns are rare and this may make the granite slab even costlier.

The color of the stones is one of the major determinants of the price of granite. There are unique colors. However even though there can be a difference in transportation cost, color and pattern of granite, the resilience and durability of the stone is more or less high. If your budget is not that much, you can go for the common forms. Even though the stones are less expensive, they will be durable like all the others. The granite installation process is pretty complex. You can hire a professional installer who will be able to do the job with ease. It is better to choose someone who has all the knowledge and expertise for the job, than to take all the hassles by yourself! Take a good look at the available selection

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  1. Granite Countertop create a very durable. Granite is an excellent choice for countertops. Granite is available in polished and matte finishes. While granite may be more expensive than some other materials, its longevity adds immeasurable value.