Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Use of Mosaic in Modern Times

Mosaic art has been in demand for several decades. It has been used by people for home decoration. Several historical monuments show the use of granite mosaic for the decoration of buildings. The art of mosaic has not lost its popularity in the modern days. It is used for several decorative purposes. These days, mosaic is used for the beautification of the residential complexes. This excellent form of art is also used for the decoration of commercial complexes. Indeed, a mosaic pattern can uplift the look of your house and add a new glamour to it. If you are a home owner who would like to experiment with the décor of your house then mosaic is a good choice.

Earlier mosaic was limited to palatial buildings, cathedrals and churches. These days, mosaic medallions and mosaic is extensively used in every kind of construction – be it residential or commercial. It is used in flooring as well as in other interior decoration works. Several modern homes have used marble for their beautification and remodeling works. Now, marble is used for versatile purposes. It is used in core designs of swimming pools, tapestries and fireplaces. A homeowner can use mosaic tiles in any place of his house. It can be used in the living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Mosaic art pieces and mosaic medallions can be used for creating an artistic effect in the house. It should be used strategically to enhance the beauty of the house. To extend the look and feel of the living room many modern homeowners these days use mosaic tapestry in their living room. These tapestries can also be used in offices and commercial complexes to change the complete ambience of the place. Ceiling medallion are also common these days and it can give a new look to the old house.

Many people these days are remodeling their house to give it a new look. Using mosaic is economical. If used in the proper manner, it can change the complete look of the house. A large number of homeowners prefer ceiling medallion for the room as it can change the complete appearance of the room. An old, dull ceiling can get an artistic touch by using ceiling medallion. They are inexpensive and a homeowner can make people know about his taste at a low cost.

One of the greatest advantages of using medallion in the ceiling or wall is hiding the imperfections. These days, many homeowners prefer to use medallions to hide the marks or damages in any place of their house. An imperfection at a noticeable place can damage the appearance of your house. By using ceiling medallion you can retain the aesthetic beauty of your house.

A decorative medallion in the ceiling of a house can give a completely new appearance to the house. It can act as the focal point of the room. The modern homeowners use mosaic medallions as well as mosaic art pieces for multiple purposes. You can use them to design your floor, walls or ceiling. It can also be used for exterior decoration of your house and give a completely different look to your house.

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