Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Are The Advantages of Marble Fireplace Mantels?

Do you have a fireplace in your home? No matter if it is fake or real—you can transform it to an impressive fireplace with addition of marble fireplace mantelpieces. In fact, today marble fireplace mantelpieces are regarded to be among the most aesthetically pleasing of all the fireplace mantels. This accessory for sure can be the perfect choice for your house!

Fireplace mantels when placed to a fireplace transforms the blandest of fireplaces to an attractive and beautiful piece. In comparison to the fireplace mantels that are made up of other materials, fireplace mantelpieces made of marble are a cut above the rest in terms of aesthetic values.

Fireplace mantelpieces of various materials are available in the market. Amongst all, the marble fireplace mantels are the best. They add elegance to the fireplace as well as to the room. Marble fireplace mantels lends a touch of class to the room and makes the room look glorious and beautiful.

If you often have parties in your home or entertain guests quite often, a marble fireplace mantel in that case can be pretty hard to ignore for the guests. Your guests simply cannot fail to notice the attractive chimneypiece placed in the room. It enhances the beauty of the room and makes the room have a rich look.

The marble fireplace mantelpiece can serve as the room’s focal point especially if you decorate it to fit the décor of the room. It can accentuate the décor of your home. A marble fireplace mantel can create a wonderful design. No one can even imagine what beauty it can create to add elegance to your room. However, if you are bothered about the image, a marble fireplace mantel is the best piece that can enhance your and your image of home.

Marble fireplace mantels are however, costly in comparison to the fireplace mantels of other materials like wood and other cheap materials. Marble is actually a very rare material compared to other materials and is quite difficult to sculpt. Marble fireplace mantel is not available readily in most shops that sell mantels. There is less demand of fireplace mantels in comparison to the fireplace mantels of other materials. If your mind is set on a marble fireplace mantel, then any store can order for you.

Although marble is costly but there is are benefits of using marble for the mantel. Marble has great varieties of color, it is quite easy to maintain and doesn’t damage or scratch easily. Moreover, the use of marble for mantel is a great idea because this material is unlikely to be damaged permanently in a fire. Marble fireplace mantels are considered to be truly antique.

So, if you are planning to decorate your house or want to add elegance to your room, you can go for marble fireplace mantle. Though wood and other materials are available much easily in market and are cheaper than marble, don’t use them for your mantel. Marble fireplace mantel has many advantages in comparison to the other fireplace mantelpiece materials.


  1. Stone Fireplace Mantels are beautiful and add a unique custom flair to any home. Thank you for the great ideas, tips and suggestions.