Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marble: Best Option For Decoration And Flooring

The cool and tough metamorphic rock marble has always been preferred as a building material. Apart from flooring, people for decades have used marble for several decorative purposes. Marble sculptures have been practiced by people for ages. A noticeable development in this sculpture was seen during the renaissance period.

Nowadays, marble is quarried in different countries of the world. This has increased the availability of marble and has also reduced the price of it than earlier. People now use marble for flooring of their house and for other building jobs. They also use marble as a home decor item.

Marble home decor items can increase the aesthetic appeal of the house. Though the price of marble is much lesser than what it was earlier but still people consider it as a sign of aristocracy. Someone who wants to give a unique look to his house can install the marble decorative items like marble statues and marble fountains.

Someone who does not have enough space to install a statue or fountain in his house can also make his house look excellent. Marble fireplace mantels can serve as an excellent background for a room. It can change the complete look of the room. A person who wants to decorate his house with marbles should opt for marble countertops; kitchen tops and sinks along with marble flooring tiles.

As a natural stone, marble is available in varied colors, textures and styles. One can get a wide range of choices for marble flooring and decoration. Like any other natural stones, marble also has some unique characteristics of its own. The unique characteristics of marble add a unique look to the house and attract people to the house.

These days, marble is not only used for residential purposes but also it is used in several commercial complexes. The durability and shine of marble have made it a popular choice for the people. Another reason that has made marble a popular flooring material is low maintenance. If marble is installed by the professionals then its shine would last for years.

Many people consider marble as the best flooring material for the hypoallergenic characteristic of the stone. The dense surface of marble prevents the stay of the allergens than carpets. Thus, the chances of allergies get reduced. This hypoallergenic characteristic of marble is one of the reasons for its use for hospital floorings. Apart from this, marble also prevents germs to settle on the surface. Any germ cannot stay in the surface of marble for a long period. Thus, people who lives in houses with marble flooring lead a healthy life.

Marble in the summer season or in the warm places can give a cool and soothing effect to the house. People who live in the hot climatic regions use marble as it gives a feeling of comfort. The natural stone marble has several advantages. Interior designers too prefer marble for its elegant look. Someone who wants to remodel his old home or want to decorate his new home can surely opt for marble.

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