Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ascertain The Color Marble Tiles To Choose For Your Home

Sometimes, the best thing in life comes naturally and when you think of your home, the marble is the best thing you can have to decorate it. Marble is a natural stone that originates from the metamorphosis of other stones. Since this is a natural process, marble has a wide range of variety both in terms of colors and textures.

However, all the textures and colors are due to the natural process through which marble is created in the quarries. The veins and patterns are also created during this time of natural processing.

Depending upon the hardness of the marble, the stone is classified in three categories – A, B, C and D. The hardness of the stone is an important factor in terms of the fabrication that can be done on it. If you think that marble is always smooth and polished, the tumbled marble will be a great exception for you. They have thousands of porous like sponge and the veins and patterns are absent from them.

As you can see, marble gives you a wide range of options regarding the color of the tiles to be installed in the floor of your house. Naturally, your task will be to pick the best one to make your house elegant and beautiful. Here are some options that you should consider while installing the marble flooring.

The brown white marble is certainly one of the common forms of marble available. As the name suggests, it offers a blend of white and brown color and can be effectively installed in the bedrooms or living rooms. Some variant may include the peach shade, Sometimes; there can be small holes as well.

Though called brown, the Brown Marble can have a wide range of shades starting from red to brown to tan. There is a variety of pattern as well including the black, flesh and beige. This type of marble is ideal for the terraces and bathrooms. Since it gives the feeling of the earth, the area can be decorated with plants and white products.

However, if your house has plenty of air and light, you can opt for the Sichuan marble. With its white and immaculate look, this will add the touch of class and elegance. These marbles often contain graining that is essentially black. Traditionally, this type of marble has been used for sculpture and fireplaces.

Apart from color, marble also gives you a lot of freedom in terms of the tile variations. You can choose the polished finish if you are looking for the elegance and shine that comes naturally with marble. The honed finish, on the other hand, provides a matted look and creates an informal ambience in the room. Then, there are the Patinato tiles, with its antique look, that will cater to those who loves the heritage of the marble.

However, before choosing the type of marble for your house, it is important to learn the opinions of the other members of the family. Also, you should talk to experts and interior designers to decide over the matter

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