Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don’t Get Fooled By Fake Marble! Tips To Buy Right Ones

Marble tiles are extensively used for home decors. Even in offices, interior designers use marble tiles to make the rooms look chic and posh. It is a known fact that marble tiles have been used for thousands of years. The stone is first cut into slabs. And some of them are cut in tiles. Both of them were used as building materials. Even Greeks and Romans used them extensively. The marble tiles were known for their resilient attitude. They were ideal for the floors. As you look at the design, you will fail to note any imperfections.

They are not only visually attractive, but are also known for their functionality. The marble tiles are durable. You will have different patterns, colors and designs in marble tiles. You will love the natural look. As they are tough, some of the finest architectural wonders have used the marble tiles to create that sense of timeless magic which stands perfectly even after thousands of years. It has been observed by many, that marble tiles are perfect for construction. Marble is actually a metamorphic rock.

When the limestone gets considerable heat and pressure, it metamorposizes into marble and this whole process takes place within the crust of the earth. Because of the pressure and heat, the stone becomes durable and dense. This is far more durable than the ceramic or granite tiles. The coloring, veins and texture come from the metamorphic change which happens within the crust of the earth. It is the difference in mineral composition which effectively makes the changes. It is with the crystallization process, that a change can be noted in the shades of the stone.

But how do your recognize between the natural marble tile and the fake marble tile? Both will have a natural look and when looked closely, you will hardly find any difference. Real marble tiles claim that they are durable, but it is not so. The factor of durability is mostly dependent on the homeowner and how he or she takes care of the stone. Mopping and sweeping are not enough for marble tiles. Most marbles are susceptible to stains like shampoos, nail removers, citrus-based drinks and anything that contains acidic elements. So if you spill any of the aforementioned liquids, you need to wipe it clean immediately.

As for the fake marble tiles, you need not you need not out the same amount of effort to take care of the marble tiles. They are not only made with marble, but other materials as well. Fake marble tiles are made with a combination of marble and other elements like liquid polyester resin. All these make the material durable. Fake marble tiles are stain-resistant and they are better than the real ones. Real marble tiles are more expensive. The fake marble tiles can be better stain-resistant than the real ones, but the patterns, designs and textures are not that good when they are compared with real ones. There will be dealers who will try to sell the fake marble tiles are real ones. But as a customer, you should be careful!


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