Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Tips To Detect Fake Tiles

Metamorphic rock, marble is one of best material to build offices as well as homes. The elegance of marble has made people to select marble for several decades. Home remodelers have preferred this stone for its excellent quality. One can get several benefits by using marble for building purpose.

Marble has been popular as a building material as it increases the esthetic value of the house. With the increase in the demand of the marble products, the supply of marble has also increased. Marble is quarried in different parts of the world. Therefore, one can find a wide variety of marbles. But one should be careful about the quality of marble. Many shops these days sell fake marble. It is difficult for a person to distinguish between real and fake marble. To detect a fake marble and avoid it, one needs to follow some tips suggested by experts.

Cold and hard rock, marble is preferred by people for its durability. One thing that is to be noted in this context, the durability of marble product depends on the maintenance. To make a marble product last for ages, a person needs to handle it properly. Taking care of marble tiles can be a complex task if someone does not follow the maintenance tips appropriately. Sweeping and mopping of the marble surface is not all. Marble tiles can get stained easily. To remove these stains, a person needs to clean the surface of marble with recommended cleaners. Using hard cleaners can damage the surface of real marble. If something gets spilled on a marble surface then it should be removed immediately to avoid stains.

Fake marble tiles do not require so much care as the original tiles. These tiles contain some percentage of marble. Therefore, a person should test the tile before purchase. The fake marbles are combined with materials like liquid polyester resin which increases its durability. A fake marble tile should also be cared properly else they would lose their shine.

There is always a difference between the price of real and fake marbles. If one wants to install the fake marble tiles then he needs to detect it properly. Original marble are expensive and have some differences with fake marbles which one can identify easily. Design, patterns, finishes and patterns of fake and original marble varies a lot. A person might face some difficulty to detect it. For this reason, he can take the help of a person who is experienced in this field.

Original marble have some unique characteristics which gives the house a unique look. It adds an effect of comfort to the house. With original marble a person can have a healthy environment in his house as it prevents the survival of bacteria and allergens. Detecting the original marble is necessary if a person wants to increase the esthetic value of his house. Someone who wants to get the best value for his money should purchase an original marble and enhance the splendor of his/her house.

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