Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Porcelain Or Stainless Steel Which Is A Better Choice?

Whether you are planning out a new kitchen or refurbishing one, kitchen sink would be one thing that you must take great care of. In fact, this is the point in your kitchen that helps you keep the place clean. Apart from this very important work, the kitchen sink is also very important in terms of the style and looks.

While choosing the kitchen sink, you should remember that it will be placed in the kitchen countertop. Naturally, it is important that the sink matches the style and color of the countertop and the overall look of the kitchen. Generally, the modern concept of style gives more stress on things that are sleek and simple. So, these are the factors that you should take care of as well.

There are different types of materials that are used to make the kitchen sink. The sinks of made of copper and nickel are very beautiful. But, they will make a big hole in your pocket. On the other hand, the stainless steel sink and the porcelain sinks are very affordable.

One of the greatest features of the porcelain sink is that the product comes up with a number of varieties both in terms of looks and in terms of the color. Naturally, you have the better chance to match the sink with the countertop that you have. They are very durable as well. A good porcelain sink normally last more than 30 years.

Generally, the porcelain sinks are made of the ground glass that is melted on the hot cast iron. There are different types of installations that can be done with this type. There are the under mount, tile-in and self-rimming options for the homeowner to choose from. However, a sink mat is important here since the glass cab break easily.

The iron sink has an edge over the porcelain sink in this respect. First of all, they are very sturdy and therefore, you can use them as roughly as you wish. You can drop heavy things on them; you can use strong abrasive to clean it up. These steels are made in a special way so that there is least chance of stain. Naturally, the chances are high that the steel remains intact for a longer time.

Stainless steel sinks are easy to wash. You can use any type of abrasive and do the roughest scrubbing. Naturally, if you are very meticulous about the tidiness of the kitchen, this is certainly your favorite choice. Apart from its toughness, the stainless steel also has a good style quotient. Though they don’t have a lot of variety, the stainless steel kitchen sinks are sleek and stylish. Because of this unique feature, the stainless steel can match any kind of styles of the kitchen.

Both the porcelain and the stainless steel has a rich heritage of more than a century. Both of them are quite popular and they have more than one reason to be so. In the old times, the porcelain was white so that the dirt can be identified clearly. However, it is important to know the nature of the kitchen to decide over the type of kitchen sink.

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