Friday, June 19, 2009

Marble tables: Select From Various Kinds

Marble tables have diverse uses. Apart from that they can add to the aesthetic appeal of the house. There are diverse uses for marble tables. Marble tables can serve as coffee tables, end tables and also dining tables. Here are some kinds of marble tables that have been well known since time immemorial.

Farnese Table is the most famous type of marble table. The table top is an inlay of a variety of marbles and semi-precious stones. It has two large windows in the center which are of oriental alabaster. The lilies are a visible symbol and design of Farnese family. This table was actually a monumental piece that was made for Palazzo Farnese’s state apartment in Rome.

Antique marble table has a historical value. If you want your home to have traditional look, then antique marble table is the best kind of marble table one can have. If you order for this kind of marble table to a marble table manufacturer, they can definitely get the one for you. It is true that antique marble is rare. However, if you are willing to pay the price for it you will not have any problem to acquire this marble table! These marble pieces will simply be recovered from slabs covering ancient walls and columns in unprotected regions and sites and will be used to make your antique marble table top. Thick antique marble slabs are pasted together like mosaic to create the table of your choice.

Lapis lazuli is a precious table that is available in today’s market. The body of it is made up of Sicily Jasper and band with Broccatello di Siena. This marble top table has wood inside and is coated with Nero del Belgio marble. Travertine table design is good for end tables and coffee tables and triangles with Giallo di Siena and Broccatello di Spagna. Travertine marble top tables are either rectangular or hexagonal. So, choose the shape that you like to fulfill your desire and give the room an elegant look

Marble coffee table made up of Verde Alpi and Sahara Yellow is used in many modern households. If squared marble coffee table is your choice with chairs, then get the one that is made up of Guatemala green marble. The wooden chairs with it will surely give it a unique look.

If you are looking out for dining table marble top then rectangular dining table made up of Porphydic Red marble and Broccatello di Spagna can be your choice. There is a type of round dining table which is made up of Serpentine and Rosso antico marble and triangles with Giallo antico and Red Porphyd. This round dining table can make the most charming furniture in your home. It is also available in rectangular shape. Marble dining room tables with more modern fashion and style are also obtainable in the market. If you want your dining room to have a modern approach then get the one made with Beige Botticino, Yellow Sahara and Rosso Asia.

So, choose the marble table of your choice and accentuate the décor of your home with this elegant and splendid material

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