Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What’s The Best Style Of Marble For Kitchen Floor?

A number of interior designers love the concept of marble tile floors in kitchens. People love marble floorings in kitchens. If Greeks and Romans have appreciated its esthetic value and its elegance, we should not think twice before incorporating the marble tiles in our kitchens. They have been tested through the years and have remained resilient and durable all through the years. They can be used in floors, as backdrops in living rooms and as vanity tops in bathrooms.

Marble can be used for kitchen floors, but they are not of same quality. And as for the durability, there are different levels of strength. Only some of the types of marbles can be used for the kitchen floors. Therefore it is essential that we make a careful selection and select the right marble tile which matches our décor. The stone will come in different grades and the durability and resistance depends on the levels. Like the Grade A marble is most durable among the lot. When you use the marble on the floor, you should choose the highest quality. The floor should be hardy to resist a few bumps, digs, slams and scratches. And if it is hardy enough, it will also resist the breaks and cracks.

The marble flooring should be such so that they are effectively stain-resistant. In other words, they are prepared to combat the assaults of utensils, breakages with or without minimum protection like sealers or wax. The marble flooring should last in the kitchen for a long tome, as this is one-time investment and is an extremely expensive proposition. Moreover the floor should be anti-slippery. You do not want a hip dislocation at the cost of the esthetic appeal of the kitchen. If you want, you can use the tumbled marble for the kitchen floors.

It is durable as it will be able to handle the breakages. It can also resist the stains, and the tumbled floor will be able to resist the damage without any support from outside force. However any spills should be cleaned immediately. If it is left on the floor, it is sure to create a stain. Tumbled marbles can be extremely effective for kitchen floors. The tumbles marble has a finish which can be conveniently called anti-slippery. So the chances of accidents and mishaps are less in this floor.

The other marble which is less slippery is known as honed marble. The matter, dull surface can be extremely effective. Although it is less slippery, this kind has other disadvantages. They can be susceptible to stains. Moreover this marble cannot resist abrasions which make it fragile and as a result, there are chances of breakage. If you are still confused about your choice, you can clearly look at all the options and then decide accordingly. Make sure, to have a good talk with your dealer, before you choose the marble for your floors. Let it be unique, but at the same time, think of all the related factors like durability and functionality. A combination of beauty and functionality can be a good option!

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