Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marble In Contemporary Architecture

The use of marble is a history in itself. Since the days of antiquity, this natural stone has been fascinating creative men. They have used it in several purposes starting from the sculpture to home decoration. The versatility and the elegance of marble do not have any parallel.

The trend continues in modern times as well. The same stone that had been the favorite of the Renaissance artists and the ancient architects, is now widely used to decorate the homes. However, the perspective of the modern era has given more credit to marble because of its versatility. In fact, this is one aspect where no other stone can match marble. Marble is used to decorate the walls, bathrooms, kitchens etc. Also, marble can be used to make the outdoor more beautiful. Thus, marble fountains or the statues have always added some extra charm to the garden in your house.

Still, one can not deny that the most popular application of marble is flooring. There is more than one reason behind this popularity. The first one is of course the beautiful designs and color. Added to it is the durability of the stone. And to make it even more appealing, there is the sheer elegance and a rich heritage. Also, marble is very easy to install and because of its variety, you are sure to find one that suits your style perfectly.

Marble is rated high by the expert home designers. They believe that marble has the ability to provide the house with unsurpassable beauty and elegance. When you have marble in the floor, you can be sure that everybody will notice it right after putting their first step in the house. Marble is a valuable product; so, the value of your house, its worth increases many times when you install marbles there. Beyond all of these, you get an aesthetic atmosphere with the marbles.

When you are choosing marble, you are also making sure that you will stay healthy. Yes, marble is healthy stone. For, it prevents the bacteria and different antigens from staying on the floor. This is in sharp contrast to the carpets where a number of malicious particles can stay. Also, you can clean the marble easily and thus lessen the chances for the harmful bacteria.

The marble is a soothing and cool stone. This is why the countries with warmer climates see more of the marble floorings. This is because the stone remains cool and therefore it is comfortable in the hot weather.

Another great thing with marble is its easy maintenance. Simple acts like washing are enough to keep it clean and intact. However, like any of the natural stones, marble too, requires specific attentions. So, it should be sealed at regular intervals. Also, the homeowner must use the cleaners specifically made for the marbles. This is because other products may damage the beauty of the stone.

However, these are the attributes that have made the marble so much appealing in modern times. With the sheer class and beauty and the versatile usability, the stone will certainly retain its significance in the future as well.

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