Monday, June 22, 2009

Radon In Granite? A Fact Check!

The recent uproar about the radiation from granite has created a lot of speculations among the users and others. Everybody has some questions in their minds and the different answers that they are getting have made the situation even more confusing. However, the following few lines will aim at clarifying the issue properly as they deal with the frequently asked questions on the subject.

What does the EPA think about the radiation of the radon gas from granite countertops?

All the granite samples may contain uranium and other natural radioactive elements. As these element produce radon gas, it is possible that certain granite samples can increase the amount of radon in the home atmosphere. It can also emit other radio active products like the alpha, beta and gamma. However, EPA does not believe that there is a significant increase in radon because of the granite. Some pieces of granites may emit a higher level of radon gas though the amount is still ignorable.

What is the advice of EPA to people who are using the granite countertops?
EPA recommends a thorough test of the indoor air to measure the radon risk. However, the test is very easy with hundreds of kits available in the market. Thanks to the kits, the homeowners can do the test by themselves and. However, it is likely that the granite may emit the gas, like any other natural stone and also, like them, the amount will be minimal.
Still, if the test detects that your home has 4 pCi per liter, you should take steps to reduce it. The state radon office will help you in this respect. A professional can be hired to fix the problem and for a more specific search. You can always visit the website of the EPA to learn more about the way to reduce the radon. However it is extremely unlikely that the granite countertops in your kitchen will emit radon gas.

Is there any means to test the granite countertops to test the radon emission?

Presently, the answer is no; since there is no standard protocol available now. However there is no need to test the domestic granite products as they do not emit sufficient quantity of radon. This fact has been proved beyond doubt. To conduct an effective test on granite countertops, you need to have special tools and laboratory equipments. Naturally, professionals only can operate them properly. In fact, the CRCPD website offer detail information about the tests. The kits available in the market do not offer such specific research. However, they are effective to measure the amount of radon in general.

Is the emission from the granite dangerous for humans and animals?

Though the amount of radon emission from the granite is ignorable, it is better to stay safe. There are few common methods that can reduce the amount of radon below 2pCi/L in your house. The risk increases after the rate reaches 4 pCi/L. So, it is important to measure the amount frequently.

What kind of studies EPA has conducted on radon and emission from granite?

There have been some limited researches on this subject. However, EPA assures of carrying on further studies in the future.EPA will continue its study on the granite countertops and the radon emission that it results in. If new results are found, they will keep on updating people.

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