Monday, June 22, 2009

Use Marble Tables To Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Marble, a cool and hard metamorphic rock, from ages was considered as a symbol of luxury. It has been used to decorate buildings and parks. With time, the demand and use of marble has increased. For decades, home remodelers and interior decorators have preferred to use marbles. Be it in the interior or exterior marble can surely enhance the look of your house.

Natural stone, marble has been used for several purposes. It has been used for the flooring of the house. Countertops and sinks made up of marble have also gained quite popularity. Men have not restricted the use of marble to make flooring and countertops. Marble has been used for several other jobs. Tables made up of marble can give an elegant look to the house. In fact home owners looking for antique furniture’s prefer this form of tables.

A homeowner who is ready to spend money for improving the aesthetic value of the house can purchase an end table or a coffee table made up of marble. One can also purchase a dining room table made from marble. Marble tables have been popular among people for several decades. They are always handcrafted by experts so that they can give a unique look to the house.

Farnese Table is an excellent example of marble tables. It was made several centuries earlier. Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola who was an excellent architect had designed this table. The table was made for one of the state apartments in Palazzo Farnese. Some semi precious stones with marble were used to make the top of this table. Large windows located in table’s center were made from oriental alabaster. Lily, which was the emblem of Farnese family, was also there on the table. Cardinal Alessandro Farnese’s arms were in the marble piers of the table.

Tables can also be made up of antique marbles. Someone who wants to possess a table made up of antique marble should have information about it. The scarcity and rarity of some marbles have made experts to group them as antique marbles. These marbles were recovered from slabs which covered ancient walls and columns. They were mainly recovered from the structures in regions and sites which were not protected. Most of them dated back to the time of Roman empires. It is almost impossible for a person to find these marbles for commercial purposes and thus the price is extremely high.

A homeowner who wants to have a dining table or an end table made up of marble can opt for modern marble. These days, marble is quarried in different parts of the world. They are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles. Modern marbles are cheaper than the antique marbles as they are available extensively. If someone can have a unique design of the marble table then he can change the look of the room. Homeowners who have marble table in their house should be careful about its maintenance to retain its elegance. With proper care marble table can last for ages.

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