Monday, June 22, 2009

Marble Tiles Across Globe

With the increasing demand of marble, the supply of marble has also increased manifold. Earlier high quality marble was only quarried in Italy. But nowadays, marble is quarried in different parts of the world. Countries which have huge marble resources quarry them to meet the demand of people. Marble quarried in China is of high quality. The price of marble quarried in China is low compared to other countries. High quality and low price of the Chinese marble has made them popular among people.

Marble is also quarried in Mexico and Spain. These countries have a huge marble resource. Blocks of marble quarried in these countries are of good quality. They can be used for different home decoration works right from flooring to sculpture. Several countries quarry marble these days. This has increased the availability of marble and has also reduced the price of marble as compared to previous days.

As marble is quarried in different countries of the world the color and design of marble varies widely. This has helped people to get the best marble tiles for their house. Export of marbles to countries where they are not available but are used in home décor is a growing trend . Marbles are exported as block or tiles. Some countries export it in the form of finished home decor products. Whatever be the form of marble product used, it brings elegance to the house. Infact as an increasing number of people use marbles in their house, the export of such goods have increased significantly. There are many dealers who are related to this export business, but one needs to select the right dealer to get the best quality stones.

Most of the countries, which quarry marble sell them in the form of finished products. This increases the price of the marble products. In fact it cannot be denied that marble is an expensive material that is preferred by many for home décor purposes. So make sure that you get the right product when you are buying marble as you would be spending a significant sum over it.

Marble tiles are preferred by people across the globe. It has been preferred by home owners for years. They are mostly preferred for their unique characteristics. If marble tiles are laid properly, they can enhance the esthetic value of the house. Homeowners use marble tiles to decorate all parts of the house including bathroom and kitchen.

Apart from the ability to increase the esthetic value of house marble tiles have been preferred by people for its varied designs, shapes and colors. One can easily find a marble tile that suits with the theme and style of the house. Marble is a natural stone and each slab of marble has some unique characteristics. Thus, the house would get a unique look.

The wide variety of vein designs, colors and shapes of marble tiles will help a homeowner create an excellent visual impact on the overall design of the house. Marble tiles are preferred by homeowners also for their durability.

Marble tiles if maintained properly can last for years. The hypoallergenic character of marble tiles also makes them the best material for the home decoration job. Hypoallergenic character of marble helps in preventing the survival of germs and bacteria on the surface. So this natural stone provides a home owner with an eco friendly and healthy option too.

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