Friday, June 19, 2009

Installing Marble Tile Flooring On A Budget

There are two good things about marble-they are durable and they are beautiful. What else can one ask for? Marble tiles come in different tones and can blend well with the overall décor of the room. When you add marble tiles on an office floor, you will find that they have made a lot of difference to the overall color scheme by enhancing the contours and shades. If you do not know the exact method of installing marble tile floors, you will end up breaking a bunch or two.

Before you install the marble tiles, you should clear away all the substances on the floor. The floor should be leveled properly, otherwise after the installation; you will get a wavy feel. If there are any uneven spaces, you should even the places with cement feels and jack supports. You can use a nylon thread, to know if the surface is flat or if it creates an undulating feel. The marble tiles cannot be installed on a slope. If the tiles are installed on a semi-yielding floor, then the whole area should be reinforced with plywood.

Before you install the marble tiles, one should measure the whole area by calculating the width and length of the floor. You can mark the middle as well the width. You can use a white chalk for marking the area where the lines will intersect. One should place the tiles from the center of the floor and the line should move outwards. After placing a few tiles, you can take a look at the overall impact. If you think, that they look nice, you can continue with the installation. Before installing the tiles, one can only lay the tiles, to see the overall effect.

Before you start the installation process, you can choose a tile at the center. You can make a mark around the tile. After marking the area, you can put thin-set mortar inside. Now you can put back the tile on the same place and start marking other areas where you will be setting the other tiles. You can use the mesh mortar tape to seam the floorboard. This in turn helps in avoiding cracks. One should keep a gap between the tiles to create the perfect leveled look. After the whole floor is done, the floor should be kept dry. After the marbles tiles are laid, the area should be sealed. A professional can do the job properly. It will be more expensive than you think. But one should not take any risk with the sealing process.

After everything is complete, you come to know that there is a crack on a single tile. You have to take out that tile and even the flooring underneath. This will create a solid support system for the tiles. You have to apply mortar and reset the tile by marking the original spot. These are small mishaps and this should not discourage you from installing the marble tiles. You can create a unique look with the tiles!

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