Friday, June 19, 2009

How To Design A Lavish Bathroom?

Bathrooms are an integral part of our homes. We spend thousands of dollars on the living room or the bedroom but tend to overlook the kitchen or the bathroom. But people are spending more than $10,000 for remodeling a bathroom. Homeowners are eager to change the look of this particular place by adding marble flooring and multiple showerheads. One who is more eager to make the bathroom look lavish will go for the marble shower and the jetted tub.

Actually as a homeowner you will have a number of options for making the bathroom look chic. The best place is to start the floor. You can upgrade the flooring by adding marble or marble tiles. The marble will make the floor cold. To reduce this cooler effect, many opt for the sub-floor heating systems. Or you can also go for the low-voltage electric mats which are cheaper in comparison. They are smaller in size, but they keep the portion of the room warm enough so that one can stand on the mat and go on with his or her usual chores.

Have you ever thought that with all this remodeling in flooring, you can also add the lights which will enhance the beauty of the room? Lighting often changes the feel of the bathroom. You can install different lightings like overhead lights close to the vanity area. The room should exude a cozy feel. The best way is to take help of concealed and indirect lighting. This creates a low-key effect and you can enjoy a warm luxurious bath in the tub. If you want to increase the flow of natural light in the room, you can go for up gradation of windows. A window at the top of the shower will definitely create more light.

If the old tiles look shabby and worn-out, you can simply switch to the more classy marble tiles. The marble tiles n the floor will create some simple, yet beautiful designs. Often a change in the fixtures and accessories like an addition of the shower surround or the prefabricated tub will make the bathroom look as good as new. A luxurious showerhead will be equally impressive. The massaging shower head or the rain showers are good choices. Those who have larger bathrooms will like to create a diversion with a change in the bathtub.

There are walk-in tubs, free-standing tubs and the drop-ins. All of them are equally beautiful, but you have to think about the dimensions of the room before you choose the type of bathtub you want. Some of the homeowners are opting for the air-jet tubs. They are known to have therauptic qualities. If you feel that you are bored with the look of your bathroom, it is time to change the paint. Often so-called insignificant things like a change in the paint can create a lot of differences to the way the room looks. If the bathroom had a pale shade, maybe you could go for something brighter and colorful. Or you can maintain the subdued look by making some changes in the tiles and floor.

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