Friday, June 19, 2009

What Is The Best Stone To Use In My House?

All of us would like our houses to have a green décor. However often we fail to identify the right variety of stone that can add to the natural appeal of our house. Stones are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. For a person thus it is essential to know the various parameters of various kinds of stone as it will allow him to make the best choice.

Selecting a stone is not a difficult task. But there are certain factors that the consumers need to consider before purchasing a stone. They should select the stones, which are durable in nature. On the other hand it should have the quality to resist any kind of stains or breakages. One should place the stones, which match well with the wall color. You can also take the help of a manufacturer or an expert to sort out the problem of stone selection.

The demand for natural stone is increasing with time. Many people across the world are selecting this type of stone to decorate their houses. It can add more beauty and elegance to your home. The best part is that you can use it in any part of your house. The consumers should know about the different types of stones, their usages, their quality, their price and many more. By doing so, they can select the right kind of stone. One should place the stones that are beautiful and durable. Apart from that, one needs to look at his/her home décor budget before purchasing them.

Granite is one of the best stones used for decoration in homes. It is available in different colors, designs, patterns and shapes. Normally granite floor has a polished surface. This stone can be purchased in dimensional tile and slab form. It can be used for various types of applications. Granite floors and tiles are placed in many condominiums, apartments, housing complexes an even in commercial buildings. Polished granites are attractive in appearance. But it can cause accidents because of its slipperiness. Before taking the leap you need to look at your budget. Granite floors and granite tiles are expensive. However keep in mind that the money spent is worth every cent as it is a great option to decorate your home.

Limestone is yet another good option. This stone is available in different patterns and designs. Generally limestones have earth tone colors. It is also available in the slab form and dimensional tiles form. It is used in many commercial buildings and higher-end –homes. Slates can also be used for various applications, such as billiard tables, chalkboard, roof tiles and science lab areas. Generally these tiles have rough surface texture. Slates are available in different sizes, patterns and designs. Marble is one of the preferred materials for decorating the house. It is considered as one of the most beautiful stones. It is available in various colors, designs, patterns, shapes and sizes.

Granite and marble are the most common types of materials used for decoration. But with changing trends, many people are also opting for other types of floors, including limestone, slates. These floors are stylish and have an attractive appearance. But granite and marble are still the best options. Apart from adding beauty to your house, these floors also give the guarantee of durability. Most importantly, these floors can be maintained easily.

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