Monday, June 22, 2009

How to Install Marble Tiles?

Marble is considered as one of the best material available for decorating the houses, offices and other commercial buildings. It is available in different colors, designs, patterns, shapes and sizes. But we often find it hard to choose the right kind of marble tiles or marble floors for decorating our houses. We need to consider many factors before purchasing the marble tiles.

The length of the kitchen should be measured before purchasing the marble tiles. One should select the color of the marble that matches with the color of the kitchen walls. There are many online marble stores and guidelines that can help you to select the right marble tiles. Proper installation of marble tiles is very necessary. It is one of the important tasks. Some of us face problems in installing the marble tiles. We can take the help of the professionals or read out the guidelines or tips of the manufacturers and experts from the internet. There are some help lines and guide lines that help to eliminate marble purchasing and installation problems.

Natural marble tiles are one of the best options. Many people across the world use natural marble floors or natural marble tiles for decorating their houses and offices. These marble tiles can be handled, polished and installed easily. Manufacturers cut it into thin layers so that it can be shipped and packaged easily. In most of the cases, marbles are cut from the block marbles or large size marbles. These thin marble tiles are easy to install.

Natural marble tiles are available in different colors, such as black, green, red and many more. Black marbles are sensitive to water. So, it is better not to use black marbles in your kitchen. Some red and green marbles are also water sensitive. It is better to ask the manufacturers about the tiles which are water sensitive. They can help you in selecting the right kind of marble tiles and marble floorings. One of the most important tasks is to maintain and clean the marble tiles on time. Soft pieces of clothes should be used for sweeping and mopping the floors. Apart from that, you need to consider some other factors to maintain the beauty and color of the tiles and floors.

The demand for fiber resin back marble tile is also increasing. These marbles are cut into thin layers. But the best part is that these are unbreakable and easy to maintain. These tiles have a very inert bond and nonporous surface. It should be installed with extra cautiousness. Cutting saw should be used to cut the tiles evenly and finely. A liquid is needed to make the cutting process easier. Normally water is used for this purpose. The cooling liquid or water will help to build up particles or grindings. Dirt should be cleared from the saw to perform the task easily.

The marble tiles can give a more elegant and beautiful look to your house. We need to maintain the beauty and texture of the floor or the tiles. Apart from that, we need to keep away the substances that are acidic in nature from the floor or tile surface.

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