Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marble Applications: The Diverse Uses

Men have used marble for several ages. They were used by the Greeks and Romans in some marvelous pieces of architecture. Some of the architectural pieces of earlier centuries can be found even in the present days. Marble was not only used for architectural purposes, it was also used for sculpture, home decoration as well as for building. You can see marble decorative in palaces as well as in cathedrals. It has been used by millionaires to decorate their homes and by modest homeowners to decorate their baths.

The popularity of marble has not reduced in the present days. It is used by many modern home owners to heighten the esthetic appeal of their house. Marble can be used to decorate any part of the house. This metamorphic rock is preferred by people as a material for bathroom vanities. Not a single homeowner would ignore marble sinks and vanities while doing the remodeling of his house. If a person would apply the appropriate marble sealants for bathroom vanities then he can make the vanities last for decades.

Apart from the bathroom vanities, marble can be used to decorate the kitchens. Marble tops, countertops and sinks can add a great look to the kitchen. If a person would take proper care of the marble surface then these things would retain its original glow. The natural stone marble, has the quality to resist the settling of germs on the surface. As germs cannot settle in the marble surfaces, there would be less chance for the contamination of food.

The hypoallergenic characteristic of marble has also made it a great choice for flooring. A marble floor of a house can resist the spread of allergens and germs on the floor. This can give the dwellers of the house a healthy life. Marble, known for its beauty, can change the entire look of the house. If the flooring of the house is done by professionals then the marble floors can last for ages. Floors and tiles of marble can be used in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens as well as in the bathrooms.

While selecting the marble floors or other home accessories made of marble, one should be careful about the theme of the house. Importance should also be given to the color combination of the house. Marble, a natural some stone is available in multiple shades and colors. One can use the color and texture of marble that matches with the theme of the house.

Someone who has sufficient budget for home remodeling can use marble for outdoor decoration. One can find marble statues and fountains that can be used for the decoration of garden. A marble statue in the garden enhances the look of the garden and also increases the esthetic appeal of the house. Marble, a cool and tough metamorphic rock is used by men for several purposes. It is considered as a symbol of luxury and can enhance the beauty of the place where they have been used.

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