Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Marble Tile Flooring

Marble, a natural stone has been popular as a building material for several decades. People have preferred to use marble tile flooring to enhance the esthetic appeal of his house. If you are considering marble tile for the flooring of your new house or for your remodeled house then you need to know the advantages as well as disadvantages of it. Marble a hard metamorphic rock can last for decades if maintained properly. It has several benefits, yet there are some disadvantages too. If a person can take proper care of marble then he can overcome little disadvantages of this stone.

As a natural stone, marble can be found in several styles and colors. Therefore, a homeowner can easily find the color and style of marble depending on the theme of his house. The texture of marble also varies from one slab to other. It is almost impossible for someone to find the same type of flooring in the house of some other person. This gives a unique touch to the house.

Being a metamorphic rock marble is strong and durable. If marble is laid by the professionals then it can resist the marks and stains on the surface. With little maintenance, the marble can last for the entire lifetime. One can enjoy the original shine of marble if he would use the recommended cleaners for the flooring. Marble sealants also play a great role in the maintenance of marble floors and one should also select it carefully.

Marble has the quality to resist the spread of germs and allergies on the house. Germs and allergens cannot stay in a marble surface for very long period. The natural property of marble get germs and allergens removed from the house. This keeps the house germ free and the people living in the house can enjoy healthy life.

Shine of a marble floor can last for decades as marble is stainless and is not stained easily that is unless and until something is spilled in it. Marble floor has several advantages. However there are some disadvantages which need to be kept in mind while buying this stone. One should note that marble is a heavy material. Floor needs additional support to carry load. While flooring marble one should take proper measure to ensure the floor can take the weight of tiles.

Maintenance of marble is simple. But if it is not done regularly, then the surface of marble can get stains and blemishes. This will also affect the natural shine of marble and the homeowner might need to replace the tiles with some new ones. To retain the glow of marble do proper maintenance of marble. If anything get spilled on marble then the surface should be cleaned immediately.

Marble is the sign of luxury. Someone who wants to install marble flooring in his house should inquire about the cost first. Though marble flooring is expensive but the durability of marble gives the best value for the money one has invested on it. Once installed marble floors can last for lifetime. Thus, a person would never have to spend money for flooring.

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