Thursday, June 11, 2009

Use Of Natural Stone Across Globe And Through Ages

Since time immemorial natural stones have always been there. In fact, they have been naturally constructed from the same gases that have constructed our planet. The natural stones are originated from the heavy minerals that are there in the core of the earth. However, with the passing of time the crust of the earth started to erode. So, the minerals from the core were pushed up to form the quarries from where the natural stones are derived.

So, the study of the stones is no less fascinating than the study of the planet where we live. Just like the evolution of earth, these natural stone have witnessed the evolution of human civilization from a very close quarter as well.

The natural stones were used to create the mystical pyramids of the ancient Egypt. The splendor of the Greek and Roman civilizations largely depends on them as well. The use of the natural stones has also added aesthetic value to the ancient civilizations in China and India.

In fact, the credit of using the natural stones for great purposes for the first time goes to the Egyptian civilization. They used the granite and limestone to construct the pyramids. The Great Pyramid was made of granites. Sandstones were used to create the Temple of Dendur. All of them are still standing high since 2500 BC.

A major part of the fame of the Greek civilization depends on the constructions like the Temple of Artemis, the marble pillars in Parthenon and baths, pools – all made with natural stones. The famous Coliseum and Pantheon of the Roman civilization were also constructed from the natural stones.

The history of the natural stones in India is also a very ancient one. From the ancient times, sculptors there have been making sculptures on the rocks and temples. The majestic palaces and forts are also brilliant examples of how the natural stones were used in ancient India. The marbles were used to decorate the pillars, floors, ceilings and all the other facets of the houses. However, the greatest architecture of India, Taj Mahal is constructed only with marble. Encrusted on it were the jewels and gems.

In the time of Renaissance, the stones became a medium to express the superior quality of human creativity. It is during this time that the buildings such as the Notre Dame and other official residences were made. Artists like Michelangelo furthered the glory of the natural stones.

Time has changed since then and so has our perspectives. In today’s world marble is no longer a mere symbol of status; it is a statement on style and brilliant example of versatility. These days, the popularity of the natural stones has reached a new dimension. Its affordability, durability and look have made one of the most sought after choices on the modern times. Other major factors that have contributed to the wide appeal of the natural stone are variety regarding the types, texture and color. With the natural stones, you can be sure to get one that suits your style.

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