Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nothing Can Beat The Popularity Of Natural Stones

Some things are believed to be timeless. Natural stones and its use in home décor seem to be one such thing that is timeless. Since time immemorial these natural stones have been a part of home making designs.

Natural stone has been immensely popular among the artists and sculptors in different parts of the world. Some of the famous ancient monuments in Egypt, famous Roman and Greek architecture and architectural splendors in China and India have used natural stone in their structures. Around 2500 BC, the first pyramid in Egypt was built with natural stones. Limestone and granite were used for the structures. The Temple of Dendur built with sandstone has a magnificent glow during sunset and is one of the most fantastic structures created with natural stone.

We cannot forget about Temple of Artemis and the magnificent marbled pillars which enhance the grandeur of the structure thousands times more. Colossal structures like the coliseum with its arches and pillars have fascinated travelers from all over the world. Surprisingly evidences of structures made of natural stone have been found in plenty even in the Dark medieval ages. Artisans in India were not behind. They have sculpted temples which have stood the test of time to amaze people in the modern days. One of the finest examples of architectural splendor which draws thousands of visitors from all over the world is the Taj Mahal.

The beginning of Renaissance had introduced a lot of innovative ways and improved the methods of quarrying. Michelangelo with his marvelous creations have surprised one and all. He was the first to introduce the ornate embellishment of the façade. Even a century ago, this was one of the prevalent styles, but with newer methods and technical details, new styles have been invented. In fact it the restlessness of the creative mind, in the constant search of something new and better which have provoked artists, sculptors and artisans to fashion new styles involving the use of natural stones.

Now the world is interested in the eco-friendly materials. And architects are trying to discover durable, environment-friendly materials which will be cost-effective and at the same time create an aesthetic value. Even in their quest of trying to find something new, they have taken help of natural stones, because they have found that these stones are extremely adaptive. Moreover they come in different patterns and shades. And they can be used almost everywhere like walls, floors, garden paths, patios and furniture and even in the exterior walls.

Natural stone has stood the test of time and for the last few centuries they have been extensively used in different constructions. The Egyptians have used them and all of us still marvel at the timeless beauty of the pyramids. Now the new generation is creating fusions and natural stones play a dominant role in the creation of these futuristic designs. Enough experimentation has been done with natural stone and people have used it in interiors. You will find that natural stones have given an elegant touch to the rooms. You can visit the dealers and choose the stone that you like the most for your house.

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