Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marble Maintenance Tips: Facts You Need To Know

Marble has been considered to be a sign of luxury and aristocracy for ages. Earlier it could be used by the people who were rich and had a lot of money to spare for home decor. But nowadays, it has become a flooring material for many houses. The popularity of marble has been unaffected owing to several reasons. One of them is the esthetic appeal which marble adds to a home. By using marble, one can change the complete look of the house and add a new sense of glamour to it.

Someone who wants to use marble as a flooring material and give a cooling effect to the house needs to take care of certain things. To keep the natural glow of marble, one needs to check the stains, blemishes and cracks on marble. For this, one needs to know the things which lead to such problems. If a person would be little careful about the maintenance of marble then he can easily remove the stains and blemishes on marble.

Generally, etches and blemishes on marble can be removed if a person would use tin oxide or polishing powder of good quality. This is available with most of the marble material dealers or household maintenance shops. If someone notices stains or blemishes in marble then he needs to rub it with the proper cleaner. The stain cleaning material should be used while rubbing the floor with a piece of soft cloth. This will help in retaining the natural shine of the floor.

A person who has marble flooring in his house or wants to have marble flooring should always remember that marble has an extremely porous composition. This composition of marble makes it more susceptible to chipping, breakage and cracks. If marble pieces has cracked or broken then edges should be wiped properly by using acetone. With this one would be able to get the foreign materials removed from the floor. Then one should use recommended sealer or glue to repair the surface.

In case, one finds a crack in the marble floor, he should ensure proper sealing of the floor. The stone should be sealed before any cleaning method is applied. Sealant should be selected depending on the type of the surface. Debris which has collected in the marble should be removed carefully before applying any sealer. Soap less detergents or pH balanced cleaners can be used to wipe the surface of marble. One should always use recommended cleaners for the proper maintenance of the floor.

Someone who has a marble floor in his house should take care of it to prevent any mark on marble. If a person finds it hard to remove a stain from marble then he should contact a professional. Any stain can be removed from the marble surface with appropriate cleaning method. Professional cleaners know all the techniques to clean marble and so can remove any kind of stains. The offices or commercial complexes, which have marble flooring, should also hire professional cleaners for proper maintenance of the floor.

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