Monday, June 8, 2009

Granite Countertops: Add Class To Your Kitchen Décor

Granite countertops have become extremely popular among the homeowners. They look classy and with a polished smooth surface they can add to the style quotient of the kitchen. Moreover when you talk of esthetic appeal, the granite countertops definitely add to the esthetic value of your kitchen. Granite is the most durable among all the stones. The versatility of the stone contributes for its popularity among all the stones used by the interior designers.

In fact it is a perfect choice for home. Natural stone is definitely an eco-friendly material. With the world going green it is a must that one incorporates environmental friendliness in all aspects of life including home décor. If you use granite countertops you make that environmentally friendly choice. That is not all. Being environmentally conscious does not mean that you cannot be stylish. Granite countertops are definitely a stylish addition to your house.

Granite countertops blend well with wooden platforms or cabinets. The countertops can complement the style of cabinetry. Moreover they are used profusely for French sleek styles. You will notice that granite countertops add a lot of warmth and color to any space. You can choose from hundreds of colors in case of granite countertops. The shades range from blue, green, brown to red and white. Beige and brown are the most popular shades and because they are dark, they can be easily placed in kitchen. It can easily hide the dust and soot. Both brown and beige look good for interiors.

There are some granite stones which exhibit a kind of movement. They have natural designs which make them all the more desirable. The combination of texture, movement and color make these granite tops immensely popular among the homeowners. If there are large movements, you will find that they eye can roam freely over the surface. Smaller patterns have sedate appearances. Although they are durable, yet you should take some minimum measures to take care of the granite countertops. You can use sealers for preventing stains. It can be easily chipped. So it is better not to put any heavy utensils on the granite tops.

Granite countertops are expensive not because of the stone. Like onyx, granite is not rare. However the cutting, quarry work and transportation involve a lot of expenses. The oversized slabs should be cut according to the choice of the customers. They are extremely delicate and they should be transported with care. There are some places where you may find used granite countertops. However if you are making an investment, it is better not to use any used countertops. It is the ageless beauty and factor of durability which makes the stones immensely popular among homeowners, architects and interior designers.

It is always better to take professional help when you are transporting the granite countertops to your place. The slabs should be carried vertically; otherwise the stone can be damaged. If you do not want any chipped or dented version, you should ask the transporters to carry the stone as safely as possible.

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