Monday, June 8, 2009

Granite And Health Hazards: Must Know Facts

Granite is extremely popular among interior designers. They can be mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Now some experts are of the opinion that granite emits radon gas which is one of the main causes of cancer among non-smokers. They have also said that even pregnant women are at risk from the radiation and hence this is a stone which should not be used in house at all.

Mostly granite is safe to use, but according to some experts the variations like the exotic highly-strained ones which are imported from Brazil and Namibia are not at all safe. Radon levels are high in these granite slabs. However recent research has proved that these allegations are baseless and radon emitted by the granite slabs are far below the health threat level. Hence it does not in any way prove that granite is non suitable for house. In fact it is one of the most eco friendly materials that can be used in house.

Radon levels are generally high in the basement area. Although experts have expressed their concern about radiation, they have also said that limited physical contact with the stone and a well-ventilated room can lessen the threat. If you feel that you are in constant danger, you can simply use some of the radon testing kits which are available from the local stores. No test can actually determine the amount of radiation. But with tests, you can always eliminate the possibility of imminent threat.

If you feel that you do not want to live under constant threat, you have the options of other materials which you can use for countertops like stainless steel, soapstone and other solid materials. You can consult the home builder to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the materials. Whatever material you choose, it should complement the design of your homes. Moreover if safety of your loved ones is a matter of great concern for you, you can always consult the home builders about the choice of materials.

Even scientists have said that there are no threats involved with granite. Radon is odorless and colorless gas. Although granite is known to contain variations of uranium which can emit radon gas, the amount is negligible and can never pose a threat which might be a life-risk. The indoor radon levels can increase the amount of radon inside the house. A few samples have been taken by the Florida Health Department for tests. They have confirmed that no granite slabs have produced radon which can be considered as life-threatening.

The amount of radioactivity is quite small in granite slabs and many tests have been done which have proved beyond doubt that it is not a cause of concern at all. Although there might be a possibility of direct radiation, in general we will find that it is nothing compared to the radiation from atmosphere. The amount is negligible which cannot cause any health hazard. However if you have doubts in your mind, you can use other materials for countertops or keep children away from the kitchen as much as possible.

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