Thursday, June 11, 2009

Places In Your House Where You Can Use Natural Stone

How many times have you wondered and expressed surprise over the skills and talents of the artists who had created Taj Mahal? The soft white glow of marble of the Taj Mahal on a moonlight night can only be compared with the lyrical words of poetry. The amazing factor is that natural stone has been used for the last 5000 years for sculptures, monuments and artifacts. When we think of the value of natural stone, there are two things that come to the mind. One of them is durability and the other is its strength. The timeless feel that is attached to marble and other natural stone cannot be described in words. This, probably is the reason why marble has become one of the most popular items to be used in home décor.

It has been discovered that natural stones are eco-friendly, and they can be maintained easily. The other good thing about the stone is its adaptability. It can be used both for the exteriors and the interiors. Limestone combined with slate extends an exotic look to the garden path and the façade. If you want your place to be unique, you can blend wood with stones. This looks amazing! Floors and stairways made of natural stone and if you have stone motifs, add to the elegance of the backdrop. In kitchens and bathrooms, one can use non-slip granite or marble.

Slate is mainly used for tubs and showers. Slate is also good for the kitchen floors. Floor tiles made from natural stone makes the room look charming. They come in different sizes and patterns. And the thickness of the marble tiles is varied. It is difficult to choose from different grains, borders, colors and finishing styles. Think of your interiors and decide on the color accordingly. Walls claddings made from granite and marble can be maintained easily. The stones that are to be used for exteriors are often heavy. One can use the non-polish types which can offer a protective shield from weathering. Think of the shades. A combination in contrast will look elegant.

Marble and granite when used for exteriors can display a sense of sophisticated elegance. Slate roofing is also common and some of the oldest structures in India are known to have slate roofing. They have remained in good conditions even today. In case of interiors, a charming fireplace made of granite or marble will look exquisite. They look good on counters and as vanity tops. Granite is durable and hence it is used mostly for kitchen counters.

If you have a small garden, you would love to make it cosy and beautiful. Granite pathways are extremely popular. Apart from that you can use marble tabletops, or seats made of marble. They will be well complemented with Japanese basins and granite lanterns. Flowerboxes, fountains, and benches made of marble add to the aura and beauty of a landscape garden. Most garden walls are made of slate slabs. Your patio will look different and unique if they are made with natural stones. Travertine is another material which looks great for outdoors.

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