Monday, June 8, 2009

Marble Use In Modern Tuscan Architecture

Tuscan Architecture involves a brilliant conglomeration of the classical element of the Old World Europe along with the modern architecture. The beauty of this craft has been, no doubt, enhanced by the use of the natural stones like the marble, limestone and travertine. Along with them, the wooden beams are used at times.

A typical Tuscan architecture includes marble fireplaces and fountains as well as the gates made of wrought iron. It uses the delicate house decorative of Italy to create the atmosphere of elegance. Though different ingredients have combined together to give the Tuscan architecture its brilliant look, marble is the one single ingredient that plays the most significant role in this school of architecture.

In fact, the nature of marble suits the exotic element of the Tuscan architecture quite beautifully. First of all, marble has a rich heritage. This is a stone that has been used in home decoration and art for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient civilization in Greece saw an extensive use of marble. They normally used the Parian and Pentelic marbles that were quarried in the country. In subsequent times, the use of marble spread to the Roman Empire as well. No wonder therefore, the marble has traditionally been associated with the Hellenistic ideas.

If the history of marble suits the Tuscan architecture, its splendor furthers the glory of Tuscan art. This stone is smooth, beautiful and has a natural grace. Naturally, the incorporation of marble in a household is sure to increase the beauty and appeal of it.
The versatility of marble is yet another factor that adds to the usefulness of this natural stone. In fact, the possibility of using marble is simply endless. Thus, marble can be used for flooring, to create the pillars, countertops, colonnades, stair cases and thousands of other architectural structure. Marbles have been also used to make sculptures as well.

So many qualities have given marble its prestigious place in the world of art. Naturally, the Tuscan architecture has embraced this stone with joy. However, the greatest use of the marble in the Tuscan architecture is found in the floor. This is the part of the entire architecture that has given the Tuscan art such a wide range of color and style

Generally, the floors are made of marble. Sometimes, marble is mixed with other elements to give a unique look to the house. Thus, the terrazzo floors are made by mixing the different stones and stucco along with the chips of marble. Sometimes, the different stones, glass and tiles are used to create a brilliant mosaic s well. Also, there are the ceramic floors and terracotta tiles along with the marble that creates the impression of the true Tuscan architecture.

Typical Tuscan art also pay good attention to the walls where the hand painted decorative are placed. Generally, warm colors are used to give the feel of basking. The ceilings too, receive a lot of textures. In the exterior, the Tuscan architecture ensures that you own a garden worth looking.

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