Thursday, June 11, 2009

How To Install Granite In Your House?

Granite is not a cheap stone anyway. In fact, among the natural stones, it is one of the most expensive ones. However, the cost has not been a bar to use granite countertops in the kitchen. Thus, apart from the price list, granite also tops the list of the popular stones when it comes to home decoration. Its texture and color seem to be far more appealing than any other countertops.

A significant point to note is that, the major part of the cost of the granite countertops comes from the charges of installation. In fact, the installation of granite is a complicated task. So, unlike the other natural stones, granite requires professionals to be installed properly. There is no way to save money, therefore, by doing it yourself. The only thing that the homeowner can do is to remove the old countertops. The rest of the work is for the experts.

Normally, a person from the installation company visits your house, right after you order the granite countertops. This person will measure the cabinets and other things in your kitchen and make templates. He would also tell you about the location of the seams. However, you should make sure that the entire design has the minimum number of seams. Another thing that is decided at this initial stage of installation is whether they need to use any specialized tool or not.

What follows is a critical step. In this stage, a strong and level surface is created for the granites. Normally, this is done with the help of the plywood and metal rods. This entire preparation is essential. Without it, the granite slabs can be broken during the daily use. However, the thickness of the granite slabs should be considered here as well.

The granite slabs are usually three centimeters in thickness. Their size ranges from four by eight feet to four by twelve feet. Yet, they can be quite heavy with hundreds of pounds of weight. Therefore, they are carried in a special manner to reduce the chances of damage. Though these slabs are cut carefully, there can always be low or high spots and this makes the leveling a very important step. For, the granite may easily crack.

The main phase of the installation requires quite a bit of skill exhibited by the installer. To give the granite slabs their proper look, they are cut with the help of the diamond tip saw. Later, the seams are sealed. The edges too, receive special treatment so that the perimeter is attractive and smooth. At this stage you can always request the installer to add some special trims like the metallic materials and so on. Finally, the penetrating sealer will be applied and the surface will be polished to give it the shine.

There are certain factors like the position of the sink, the electrical outlets and faucets that the installer should take care of. Sometimes, they require a reinstallation. The person should know to set up cook top and reinstall the dishwasher stabilizer brackets without any damage to the granite countertop.

So many complexities lead to the necessity of professional hands in the installation of granite countertops. Remember the beauty of this natural stone enhances further with the proper installation.

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