Monday, June 8, 2009

How Granite Can Help You Add An Unique Flavor To Your House

A home is where your loved ones will be comfortable and safe. All of us want our homes to be beautiful, to create the perfect environment where children can be reared, friends and family members can be entertained and one can spend some quality time with their family members. The concept of dream home is different for different people. But there is one basic thing which is common. All of us want out homes to have the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. At the same time home is a place where we hope to reflect our own personal taste and esthetic sense. Hence we are always keen to ensure that out home looks great.

Gone are the days when people would hire an interior decorator for making all the decisions regarding the interior designs of our homes? Now each of us wants to be experimental and add something unique to our homes. One of them is the granite medallion. Medallions are timeless and their classic beauty can bring a lot of difference to the way the room looks. Foyers and entryways can have granite medallions. If you think that this is an expensive proposition, you are highly mistaken. Granite medallions have a timeless appeal. And looking at the granite medallions, you are bound to be impressed as you enter the house. They add a certain class to the house which is tough to replicate by using any other material. Not only are the eco friendly but also they create a look which is unsurpassed as far as elegance is concerned.

There can be multifarious uses of granite and using them as kitchen countertops is not the only option. The granite medallions will look good as centerpieces on walls, floors in any of the rooms. There are many who set a granite medallion at the base of the staircase. The natural stone medallion was common in houses in Italy and Spain and in other countries which have a warm climate. But the concept of natural stone medallions is not only confined to the high-end luxury homes. Now the medallions are also used in dining rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Even commercial spaces like offices, waiting rooms and restaurants are also using the concept of granite medallions.

Some of the places where you can use the granite medallions include the place above the stove, the place above the bed in the bedroom, on the walls of the office, inside Jacuzzis and swimming pools, leisure areas and dining rooms, shower walls and in the intersection between the bathrooms and the bedrooms. A granite medallion in foyers, base of staircases, entryways and on the walls of the living rooms can look impressive. Now your dream homes will have that perfect look with granite medallions on the walls, floors and the rooms. If you want your home to be different, you can choose the medallions which will definitely enhance the beauty of the room. And as they say that the first impression counts, you are bound to be impressed with the granite medallions.

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