Thursday, June 11, 2009

Add A Little Luxury To Your Home Décor!

Almost all of us are keen to have an attractive home. We thus use several home decor and home building materials to increase the beauty of the house. A person who wants to add some luxury to his home can opt to use natural stones. Men have used natural stones for ages. Some of the ancient pieces of art and architecture, which exists till today were made up of natural stones.

Marble, a natural stone was preferred by ancient people for its beauty and elegance. Romans preferred granite for its strength. Someone who wants to add little luxury to his house can use marble and granite. Wall claddings made up of granite and marble can impart an excellent look to the exterior of the house. They are easy to maintain and so a person can retain the bright look of the house easily. With marble or granite exterior decorative, one can give a sophisticated elegance to the house.

Slate and limestone can also be used for decorating the exterior of the house. One can use different colors of granite to give a stunning look to the house. Limestone can be used by a person who wants to give his house a country feeling. For using any natural stone decorative on the exterior of the house, a person needs to prevent the weathering of the rock. Non polish surfaces are preferred for protecting the surface from weathering.

Roofing of the house plays a great role in determining the look of the house. Someone who wants to give a unique look to his house and is also careful about the durability of the material can use slate roofing. If a person takes proper care of the slate roofing then he can make it last for decades. Many building in India, constructed almost 1000 years back, have their original slate flooring and roofing. This has been possible owing to the proper maintenance of the stones.

Apart from the flooring and roofing, a person can use natural stones for fireplaces and hearths. Fireplaces made up of marble or granite can change the complete look of the house. If selected appropriately and installed properly, they can change the look of the house. Someone who wants to give his home an elegant look can use vanity tops and bar counters made up of marble.

A person who wants to add some touch of luxury to his house should always be careful about the finishing of the home decoration. One should always give equal attention to all parts of the house. If the kitchens and bathrooms are neglected then it can reduce the esthetic appeal of the house. Marble and granite sinks, countertops and other materials are available for kitchen as well as bathrooms. If they are used appropriately then the house can really get an excellent look.

If a person has a garden in front of his house, then he can use statues and fountains made of natural stones to decorate the garden. This would change the entire ambience of the house and make a house look great.

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  1. Nice post.!! Its really a nice idea to add a little luxury to our home decor.