Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Modular Granite: Can You Install It Yourself?

Kitchen has always played a great role in determining the aesthetic value of the house. Someone who wants to raise the value of his property or want to increase the glory of his old house should consider about the remodeling of kitchen. Remodeling an old kitchen and installation of new materials requires a large amount of investment. Someone who wants to reduce the high installation charges can opt for modular granite kitchen materials. He can do the installation works himself by opting for modular granite kitchen materials.

Installation of granite tiles and countertops on the kitchen has always been considered as hire a pro work. It requires some skills to install granite. The installation of the natural stone granite is tough like its transportation and fabrication. Someone who does not have skills for this job will not be able to do the job properly. Thus, it would damage the stone. If someone wants to install granite himself, then he should know all the tips to install granite. It will be best for him to purchase modular granite for the job.

Many homeowners have a common question when they purchase modular granite for their kitchen. They enquire whether the modular granites are same as tiles. One should know that modular granites are not exactly the same as tiles though they are quite close. Like granite slabs and tile, modular tiles can be found in any home depot. A person can select the granite counters which would suit his kitchen. The point that is to be noted while purchasing granite tiles is the seams. A homeowner should know that there would be seams while installing granite kitchen countertops or tiles. Seams can collect a huge amount of dirt and cleaning can be a difficult task.

Modular granite kitchen materials cannot be grouped into tiles or slabs. They lie somewhere in between tiles and slabs. Yet, they have more similarity with tiles than slabs. The modular granite materials are available in pre cut slabs of small sizes. As they are meant for kitchen counters, they are available in ready dimensions and shapes for kitchen. They can be used for kitchen jobs only. By purchasing these small slabs for the kitchen, one can save a large sum of money for installation. Though heavy, these boxes can be transported and handled easily. Therefore, one would not have to worry about the damaging of stone.

If someone can measure the size and dimension for placing the kitchen counters then he can easily purchase the modular granite counters for his kitchen. One should measure the size carefully else it can damage the entire project. When installing granite tiles, one should be careful about sealing the tiles. Installing modular granite can save a large amount of money. But one would have to be careful about the seams. The elegance of the tile would be lost if dirt get accumulated in the seams. Someone who has enough money to invest on granite installation should not opt for modular granite.

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