Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DIY: Install a Tiled Backsplash in Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovation can be an interesting task if a person has a knack in implementing interior decoration projects. A beautiful kitchen can change the complete look of the house. To make the kitchen beautiful, one should be careful about selecting sinks, worktops and cabinets for the kitchen. Flooring and paint of the kitchen should be given equal importance. If someone wants to make the kitchen appear brighter then he can install tiled backsplashes in the kitchen.

Tile backsplashes can change the complete appearance of an old kitchen. Installing a tiled backsplash is an easy task and can be done by anyone. To install tiled backsplash, one would not have to hire professionals. If he can take care of some simple steps for installing backsplashes then he can easily save the installation charges.

One can find backsplashes made up of different materials. But someone who wants to install the backsplashes themselves should opt for glass tile or ceramic tiles. If someone wants to install the backsplashes himself then he should calculate the number of tiles for the job. This should be done by calculating square footage of space that would be tiled. To know the number of tiles, one can check the label on box. It tells about the area that can be covered by a box of tile.

When installing tiled backsplashes, one should have the list of things that is needed for the job. To install tiled backsplashes one needs to have few extra tiles than the exact number of tiles required. He should also have tile nippers, mastic or tile adhesive, tile cutter or tile scriber and tile spacers. One should also have notched trowel to apply mastic, grout float, grout, grout sealer, level and pencil, sponges and silicone.

After gathering the things needed for installation of backsplash, one should have clear idea on the process for installing tiled backsplash. One should make the surface clean and dry it. Switch plates and covers of electrical outlets should be removed from the place. Mark the area where the backsplash would be installed. Spread mastic for fixing the tiles. Then lay the tiles and get them fixed on the surface. After completing the installation one should leave the backsplash for drying. One can check the package directions for installing the tiles.

Once everything is done clean up the surface with damp sponge. Clear the grout lines and wipe the entire surface with damp sponge. Get the grouts sealed properly. It will protect the color of the tiles and make the kitchen appear bright. Use silicone to fill the gaps and then start installing the tiles. It should be applied after the surface is dried completely.

One can check the tips of experts before installing the backsplash on his own. By installing a backsplash in the kitchen, one would be able to protect the walls . The kitchen backsplashes can be cleaned easily. This will retain the beautiful appearance of the kitchen and it would always attract people.

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