Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Granite, Marble & Travertine Countertops: What Is The Perfect Choice For Home?

Considering for some home remodeling jobs? Then be careful about purchasing the countertops for your bathroom and kitchen. Countertops form an essential part of a bathroom or a kitchen. One should purchase it carefully. Natural stones can be an excellent choice for countertop materials. Granite, marble and travertine can make the best countertops for your house, if you have some information on them.

The natural stone granite has been one of the time tested materials. It has been used by people for several ages. Durability and hardness of granite substances cannot be matched by any other building materials. Granite surfaces can resist stains, scorching and burns. These surfaces might get damaged without proper maintenance and so one should be careful about it. One should avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on granite surfaces as they can damage the shine of the surface. If someone wants to install granite countertops in the kitchens and bathrooms then he should be careful about its sealing. One should seal the surface properly at the time of installation and get it resealed after certain interval of time.

Granite countertops are available in wide range of tones, patterns and colors. Therefore, one can easily choose the countertop that is best for his house. To get the idea of the appearance of your countertop, you can check the appearance of slab from which it would be made. Generally, the granite countertops are found with high gloss polished surface. Yet, there are other finishes which offer wide range of textures and sheen.

Marble can give your house a luxurious appeal. The dramatic veining and rich tone of marble has made it one of the popular materials for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Someone who wants his bathroom to have an elegant look can opt for this natural stone. As marble is quarried in different parts of the world, one can find a large variety of color and texture of marble. Orange, mellow gold, beiges, pinks and creamy white are some of the popular countertop colors. Blacks and dark green colors of marble have also remained as the favorite of people.

Marble is known for its durability and this is one of the most major reasons for the popularity of marble. To make a marble surface last for decades, one should take care of its maintenance. One should also be careful about the handling of marble to avoid stains and scratches on the surface. Marble should be sealed at the time of installation. They should be resealed after some years for better lasting.

To give your kitchen an old world and classic appearance, you can opt for the natural stone, travertine. This stone is available in a wide variety of color which ranges from brown to ivory. It is also known for its pitted surface and texture. One who wants to retain the glory of this stone should clean the stone regularly. Trapping of food particles on the stone can damage its look. These stones are soft and should be handled carefully. With proper maintenance, travertine countertops can last for the entire lifetime.


  1. Granite is a natural stone which is quite unique since, unlike man-made materials, these natural stones will show a variation in colour and texture to be used as kitchen woktops. With this in mind, the grading process is based on the variation of colour and characteristics of the granite.

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