Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Granite Doesn't Always Mean Custom

Custom kitchen countertops, though worth the effort, are not the only means of having granite in your house. You may not have the budget for such a luxury or the inclination, especially if a full-blown kitchen remodel is not in your future. That doesn't mean you can't have granite pieces and furnishings in other parts of the house. Here are three ways you can spice up your decor with granite.

1. A Granite Bath Vanity Top
Kitchen countertops are not the only flat surface in the house. Bathroom vanities are a sometimes simpler way to install granite. Even if you're not doing an extensive bathroom renovation, you can still upgrade your vanity top. If you have a standard size vanity, you can avoid the hassle of custom work and buy a pre-cut granite vanity top. Many even come with an undermount sink already in place. It's an easy way to improve your vanity without remodeling the entire bathroom. Of course, while granite will enhance your bathroom, it may also stand in stark contrast to a bathroom that hasn't been remodeled in a while. So before only adding the vanity, consider the rest of the bathroom as well.

2. Granite Sinks and Basins
A sink may seem a small fixture in a bathroom but you do use it and see it every day. Granite sinks and basins add life and luxury to an ordinary necessity. If you're upgrading your vanity, consider changing to a more modern basin style sink. Granite basins come in round and more angular shapes. It may not work with all bathroom designs but a round basin sink may work just as well in a classic bathroom as a modern one.

If you like the look of pedestal sinks, consider a granite pedestal. They're solid with a sheen only natural stone can produce. The traditional form and classic lines work well in a variety of bathrooms and may be just what your bathroom needs.

3. Granite Tabletops
Unlike granite bath vanity tops or sinks and basins, a granite tabletop requires no installation and therefore no remodeling. When you're looking at purely cosmetic changes to your home, including new furnishings, consider where a tabletop might fit in.

The kitchen or breakfast nook would be an ideal spot for a granite tabletop. A smaller one might work in the foyer or entryway as a place to set down keys and mail, or as a side table or end table in the living room. If you have an enclosed deck or patio, a granite tabletop would make a nice addition as an extra eating area.

You don't have to rip up an entire room to have granite added to it. A simple change of vanity tops may be all you need. Or upgrade your sink to a granite basin or pedestal sink. And to avoid remodeling entirely, add a granite tabletop to the kitchen, entryway, or patio for a unique eating space. Wherever you choose to add granite, don't assume it requires custom work.

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