Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Characteristics of Granite Tile: Facts You Need To Know Before Buying

Homeowners prefer stain resistant, natural and durable stone floors. So, they go for granite tile floor. Granite is the oldest building material on earth. Its history can be traced back to Egypt and other ancient civilizations which used this fantastic building material to its hilt.

Many types of granite tiles flooring are available in market. The common components that are present in granite tiles are mica crystals, feldspar and minute quartz particles. Some particles were once liquid magma and had slowly solidified with the passage of time. Pressure and time help to make granite the hardest stone and its durability far exceeds slate and marble.

Granite tiles flooring are quite easy to clean and it looks stunning. These floors last for a lifetime if installed properly and taken care of. Installation of granite tiles increases the home’s value. It adds value and elegance to the home. This is the only reason why the granite tiles flooring has dramatically increased over the past few years.

While choosing granite flooring, there is simply no lack of alternatives. No two granite pieces look same. Granite tiles are available in different shapes and sizes either in the form of small granite tiles or in the form of large slabs. Wide variety of colors are available for granite flooring. The color of granite depends on the mineral types that are contained in the rock. Granite is found in solid color like solid black which is known as Absolute black Granite. This material can also be grained with one or many different colors to create limitless combinations of color.

There are some basics for installing granite tiles. Granite has very low porosity because of which it can be placed both outdoors and indoors. Granite can also resist thaw/freeze conditions. This material is a very common choice for the cooking room. The kitchen normally demands to have a floor which can handle occasionally dropped pan and pots without being damaged. Granite floors fit the bill. Sealing can be done in the granite floor at the time of installation to protect the grout and stone from mildew, stains and mold.

However, are you aware of how granite tiles should be taken care of? Did you that quartz the granite component is itself an enemy of granite flooring? Minute quartz pieces create scratches on granite and make the granite surface dull. Repair of granite floor is a costly affair and can even change the floor color. So, it is essential to sweep the debris and dirt daily. Mop the granite floor with lukewarm water twice a week. You can add a suitable granite flooring cleaner when required. Resealing must be done depending on the traffic amount received in the area.

Granite flooring is quite heavy due to which it becomes a tricky affair to cut and place. It needs extreme accuracy and very careful subfloor preparation. These are the reasons why you should take the help of proficient and experts granite tile installers. So, if you are interested to install granite tile for flooring or for any purpose like countertops then make the use of internet to find a professional granite tile installer.

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